Damon System

Introducing the Damon System of Braces

Isn’t it time for a change from the ordinary system of braces to the extraordinary Damon System?

Our office is committed to providing only the newest technologies in orthodontic care which is why we are a provider of the Damon System of Braces. This revolutionary system has a built in sliding door that allows the wire to slide more freely so your teeth will move more comfortably during treatment. Traditional braces use elastic bands to hold wires in place which causes more friction and can at times be very uncomfortable for the patient.

What does this mean for you?

Comfortable Care

With the sliding door movement you will feel less pressure on your teeth and overall a more comfortable treatment experience. Adjustments will be piece of cake.

Shorter Appointments

The Damon System also operates more efficiently than traditional braces which mean shorter appointment times. We know orthodontic appointments can be an interruption in your busy schedule so we want to get you in and out quickly as possible.

Quality Results

By facilitating healthy tooth movement and complete tooth control the finished alignment has never looked better and more precise.

For more information on the Damon System, please visit www.damonbraces.com.